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What our customers say

A fantastic addition to our home, with no headaches.
Mrs G Almond

Finally found a builder who does exactly what they say they will! How good is that. I would recommend to anybody.
Carl Templeton,

“We would highly recommend Martin and Sprout if you are planning any building work, from planning to completion our two storey extension was hassle free, our plans utilised all the space we had brilliantly, all the builders worked to a high standard and were very considerate of me and the children being around! It wasn't a stressful experience at all and I'm sure that was down to the company I chose!”
Claire Mathias (Mum of three aged 1-8)

Sprout Construction in association with their architectural division completely remodelled the back of my house. A full kitchen renovation that incorporated moving walls to create an American style living space. Access to the cloakroom was changed to a different location and the cloakroom was completely remodelled also. A very professional firm with both an excellent quality of workmanship and a high standard finish. I was very happy with the finished job and take great pleasure in recommending this firm to others. Thank you Martin and your wonderful team.
Scarlett Jackson

A contractor who is actually a pleasure to work with.
Kathy Wilkes

First things first a declaration: Martin’s a relative. But to be honest when you’re investing tens of thousands of pounds you want to be sure how you’re spending it, and it wasn’t family loyalty that made us choose Martin to plan and manage the job.
We wanted a large kitchen extension and a loft conversion done to our Victorian terrace. What appealed straight away was that Martin was able to offer a service from the drawing stage through to completion. It was good to know one person was in charge of the whole process.
The job came in on time and on budget. We’d decided to stay in the house while the work was done which was a bit of a gamble ,but the tradesmen Martin used were all reliable, professional and tidy which made the experience bearable!
This was all six years ago and we’ve not had to touch any of the work that was done. We’re still as pleased as we were back then, and would definitely use Martin again.
R & S Atkins.

We had a three bedroom/one bathroom bungalow on a large plot and Martin and his team removed the entire roof and virtually rebuilt the entire house with a large downstairs, four bedrooms upstairs and three bathrooms.
Of course there's a huge amount of money involved in anything like this, so Martin worked out an exact schedule for us of what amounts we would pay when, and we pretty much stuck to this through the build.
I have to say I feel we were very lucky to find Martin. On any day that we visited the site it would virtually be crawling with everyone from ground workers to bricklayers, roofers, plasterers. There was never any point when we turned up and worried that nothing was happening.
We had to move back in from our rented house exactly six months after work started, but Martin continued to help out, finalising the building regulations certificate and finding numbers for us for trades people for decorative jobs.
When we started this project we had quotes from about four builders, all of them trustworthy local men who we knew well. But Martin was the only one who was able to give us exact prices and put everything down on paper, so that we knew exactly what we could afford to do from the start.
I found I was able to trust him to act on his own initiative in our best interests, which is very important when you are unable to be present the entire time.
We now have a beautiful and extremely large house and I would heartily recommend the work of Martin and his team.
Helen O'Connor, Hollydene Road

I was luck enough to find Martin Northey almost three years ago now. At the time I had spoken to many designers/managers/constructors about my development. I was finding it hard to come to a real sense of confidence in any of them. It's such a huge step for anyone to take, in deciding to build their own house. I was certain that the only way successful through, would be to find someone who could help me cover all the bases, nothing slipping through, nothing overlooked, no surprises. Meeting with Martin proved pivotal. From the beginning I was impressed by the depth of his knowledge of design and construction, a calm sense of certainty in what can, at times, be a high pressure, stressful situation. It was clear that Martin was a great listener, determined to fully grasp what I wanted to achieve. He coached and coaxed me along in all the phases of the design and planning process. This was no easy project, and his skill in dealing with Planning ensured that we eventually proceeded with the full backing and support of the local authority. Together we developed a design for a modern, eco house on a difficult, tight site with a full basement 3.5m deep. Martin's eye for detail and ability to conceive of elegant design solutions, ensured that good progress was made. I was sleeping soundly at night. So far, so good.

As we embarked on the construction of the house it was even more clear that Martin had been the inspired choice. There is simply no substitute for a wealth of experience, someone who has been there, done it, seen it through to a successful conclusion. It became clear to me that his understanding of the detail of both design AND construction, would be the bedrock of my development. He helped me to budget and control costs. He knew when to step in and avert any potential difficulty. He understood and shared my intention and aspiration, always paying attention, never once dismissing my idea because I didn't know the right term or technique. He gave generously of his time, talent and effort. His commitment was total, his drive relentless.

The final outcome for me has been perfect. I have the house I always wanted, a perfect amalgam of form and function. At the outset I set Martin a huge challenge. He never once complained. He did everything I asked of him, and more. His manner and total professionalism kept everyone on the project calm, motivated and focused. One day, I may well decide to undertake another large project. If so, the first call I'll make is to Martin Northey.

sandy McLelland, Thames.