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Planning Approvals

We specialise in getting planning applications completed for our clients, QUICKLY.

Our process as much as possible consults with planning officers whenever and wherever possible to ensure that your application has the greatest chance of success from the start. We believe in honest dialogue and good relations in order to help you get as near as your wishes within the framework of the government and regional guidelines.

We often consult and if possible meet with a planning officer for an informal discussion before we submit an application sometimes the local authority will make a charge for this service but we believe it is worthwhile.

If your scheme could prove to be an issue with the local authority we may submit a pre-application which will generate a formal response advise on any specific points that the Council consider to be detrimental to an individual application. Most of the local planning authorities encourage Pre-application advice as it can automatically alleviate everyone wasting time and costs. It is also a favoured stage in any Planning Appeal process, so if plans are subsequently refused and it is decided to appeal the decisions by the planning authority.

It should be noted pre-applications are not a vehicle to obtain permission to build but a process to help evaluate a proposal. We don't necessarily seek pre-advice for all applications but in our experience it usually increase the probability of a successful Full Plans Application if some pre advice is sought from the council.

Whilst we deal with lots of differing Planning Applications we always tend to side with the rule "form follows function" and by this we strive to create beautiful internal spaces which are enveloped in architecture to sit within the local vernacular. This includes keeping close in mind a respect for the historic context of a site or building, the nature of its surroundings and its land or seascape. We like to work harmoniously with what is the best of our heritage whilst creating buildings that are suitable for modern living.

Our architectural solutions are sympathetic, pleasing, fit for purpose, and environmentally sustainable. 

We have a breadth of experience that includes; residential, commercial, public buildings, social housing, industrial and private institutions.

Our building designs are based on providing well designed, cost effective solutions that support the requirements of the Local Planning Authority.